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Material datasheets

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Nisil (Thermocouple wire)

Nisil is an austenitic nickel-silicon alloy (NiSi alloy) used for the negative leg of thermocouples type N.

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Ni 99,6 (Resistance heating wire and resistance wire)

A pure nickel alloy (Ni alloy) with a controlled carbon content of max. 0.02%.

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NRX 600 (Construction materials)

An austenitic nickel-chormium alloy (NiCr alloy) for furnace temperatures up to 1150°C (2100°F).

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NRX 601 (Construction materials)

An austenitic nickel-chromium alloy (NiCr alloy) for furnace temperatures up to 1250°C (2280°F).

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PAC-240 (Wire insulations and coatings)

A film insulation made of polyimide resins.

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PAC-240A (Wire insulations and coatings)

A modified Type 1, Class 240 polyimide enamel.

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Poly (Wire insulations and coatings)

A fast running, general purpose, Class 155 polyurethane enamel.

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PolyClad (Wire insulations and coatings)

A THEIC modified Polyester insulation coating.

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PolyClad/Aminide (Wire insulations and coatings)

A THEIC modified Polyester insulation coating with additional Polyamide-imide overcoat.

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PolyClad/Nylon (Wire insulations and coatings)

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