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PAC-240A (Wire insulations and coatings)

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PAC-240A is a high-performance, modified Type 1, Class 240 polyimide wire enamel. Applied in the form of polyamic acid solution, it is converted with heat to a continuous film with excellent resitance to radiation, chemicals and cyrogenic temperatures. PAC-240A meets the requiremets of NEMA MW 16 and is listed with Underwriters Laboratories.

Electrical properties

Property NEMA MW-1000 ASTM D1696 IEC 851 JIS 3003
Dielectric strength at 25°C (77°F) 69-75 13-4.2, 3, 4 11.1 10.2 kV
Dissipation factor at 220°C (428°F) - 1 kHz 107-114 0.09

Mechanical properties

Property NEMA MW-1000 ASTM D 1696 IEC 851 JIS C 3003
Adhesion and flexibility
no snap
20% snap




Pass 1d
Pass 1d
Cut-through temperature 61-68 >500°C (932°F)
Heat shock
20% stretch - ½ h at 260°C (500°F)




Pass 3d

Physical properties

Thermal endurance above 240°C (464°F)
Hours at temperature 20000 10000 5000 1000
Temperature °C (°F) 242 (468) 270 (518) 280 (536) 315 (599)

Disclaimer: Recommendations are for guidance only, and the suitability of a material for a specific application can be confirmed only when we know the actual service conditions. Continuous development may necessitate changes in technical data without notice. This datasheet is only valid for Kanthal materials.

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