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Tubothal heating element

Metallic heating elements of cartridge element type designed for long life and trouble-free service. Tubothal heating elements are available in standard dimensions from 68 to 170 mm (2.6 to 6.6 inch) diameter and can be supplied in almost any length. Tubothal elements can be used inside all types of radiant tubes or as stand-alone elements.

Superior power output

Tubothal heating elements are capable at operating at a far higher power output than conventional cartridge heating elements.

With a power output up to 45 kW/m (12.2 LW/ft) length, a single Tubothal heating element may be capable of replacing up to three heating elements of standard design, leading to major savings in replacement and maintenance costs.

Tubothal heating elements combined with Kanthal APMT/Kanthal APM radiant tubes allow for higher power rating than any other metallic heating system available on the market. This combination also results in a practically maintenance-free production. Read more about Kanthal furnace tubes

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