The right heating solution for drying processes in cathode manufacturing

The proliferation of lithium-ion batteries is generating growing demand for cathode material. When it comes to the drying process, Fibrothal® heating modules offer excellent heat uniformity and fast installation.

Hiroto Ishikawa, Technical Marketing, KanthalAs part of its manufacturing process, cathode material needs to be cleaned of residual lithium, as that can be detrimental to the lifetime of the final battery cell. After washing, the cathode material then needs to be dried to remove all moisture. This is done through multiple stages at different temperatures.

One common solution for cathode drying consists of metallic heating elements and a fiber blanket. However, another option is Fibrothal® GSO heating modules.

“The installation of Fibrothal® modules takes around three to four weeks, compared with 10 weeks for installing metallic elements and a fiber blanket,” says Hiroto Ishikawa, Technical Marketing, Kanthal. “Fibrothal® is also easy to remove and replace, making maintenance simpler too.”

In addition to supplying the heating modules, Kanthal can install them and provide on-site support and technical guidance.

“The lithium-ion battery industry is a truly global industry, with end users located across Europe, Asia and the US,” adds Ishikawa. “Another advantage to working with Kanthal is that we are also a global company and can provide support to cathode manufacturers wherever in the world they are.”

Three benefits from using Fibrothal® for cathode drying

  • Faster installation compared with metallic elements and fiber blanket
  • Excellent temperature uniformity compared with similar heating solutions
  • Global support including installation

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