Heating solutions for recycling lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion battery recycling is a new and growing industry, with its processes still being refined and perfected. When it comes to finding the optimal heating element, the best approach is a custom-developed solution implemented early in the furnace’s design phase.

The growth in electric cars and other electronics, combined with high nickel prices, means that the recycling of lithium-ion batteries is becoming an increasingly important industry. This has created new processes for extracting nickel and other metals from old batteries, which then need to be dried out in furnaces at temperatures of around 600-700°C (1,110-1,290°F).

It is critical to choose the right heating solution early in the process of designing the furnace

Miran Kwon, Technical Sales, Kanthal“Using heating elements that have long lifetimes and are easy to replace is vital for maximizing productivity, as it will reduce the time needed for repairs and maintenance,” says Miran Kwon, Technical Sales, Kanthal. “However, to achieve this, it is critical to choose the right heating solution early in the process of designing the furnace.”

With its broad range of heating elements and extensive experience working with different industrial heating processes, Kanthal is well placed to offer technical advice and to help develop a custom-designed solution.

“Using the different types of elements we produce, as well as the various options we offer, we can tailor a design and find an optimal solution for a specific furnace or process,” says Kwon. “That way, we can ensure the furnace uses elements that are easy to replace, and therefore make maintenance quicker and easier.”

Three benefits of working with Kanthal

  • Excellent technical support to help with any critical issues
  • Extensive experience with a wide variety of industrial heating processes
  • Wide range of elements to suit different furnace types

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Tubothal® heating element

Metallic heating elements of cartridge element type designed for long life and trouble-free service. Tubothal® elements can be used inside all types of radiant tubes or as stand-alone elements.

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