Wir bieten eine Reihe von Produkten und Heizsystemen für die Primäraluminiumproduktion. Wir haben Lösungen sowohl für die Anodenherstellung als auch für Gießhallen. Unsere Produkte werden z. B. in folgenden Prozessen eingesetzt:

Rodding shops

Replacing gas burners with electrical heaters in the rodding shop can save you significant energy costs. In fact, the net efficiency of Kanthal electric heating systems is 70%, compared with only 20% for gas.

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Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement is involved in several different steps of the aluminum production process. In order to maintain and control the material, thermocouples are the primary method of measurement since the material can withstand some of the highest temperatures.

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Holding furnace

We offer products for furnaces for melting (including dosing and holding) of all types of metallic materials including non-ferrous metals and precious metals.

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