Die Erzeugung, Messung und Steuerung der Wärme muss mit Präzisionsgeräten erfolgen. Legierungsdraht, Band und Thermoelementmaterialien von Kanthal können für eine Vielzahl elektronischer Komponenten verwendet werden.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors

Manufacturing of multilayer ceramic capacitors requires several heat intensive processes. Casting, binding and sintering are common processes in this industry which pose their own challenges.

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Circuit breakers

The copper nickel chemistry of our Cuprothal® product line is ideal for fuse and circuit breaker applications. Materials come in a range of resistivities to allow adjustment of circuit interruption at the load you require.

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Reed switches

Reed Switches are tiny magnetically operated switches used in many industries including Electronics and Communication (cell phones, PDA's, computers, copiers), Automotive, Appliances, Construction, Robotics and Toys.

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