Got a hot idea?

Apply for the Kanthal® Student Award now for the chance to spend up to six months at one of our R&D centers.

We believe innovation is a dish best prepared together. Some of our best work is the result of close collaboration and problem solving with our customers. To celebrate these partnerships and innovations, we created the Kanthal® Award.

We also believe that in order to create something totally new, you need to bring new ingredients into the mix. That’s why we have now come up with the Kanthal® Student Award – to be introduced to all the talent out there and to capture the fresh (and sometimes crazy) ideas you have.

What’s in it for me, you might well ask. How about spending up to six months with salary at one of our labs, working with our experts to test and realize your idea?

What’s in it for us, you might also ask. We get to pick your brain and spirit. And who knows, we might even get to welcome a new colleague to our ranks after the six months are over.

The Kanthal® Student Award is open to students at a post-graduate education globally. We are looking for the best innovations for tomorrow’s heating solutions.

After receiving applications for the Kanthal® Student Award, an internal jury at Kanthal will evaluate and choose the most promising innovation. Apart from spending up to six months with salary at one of our R&D facilities located around the world, the winner will be invited to spend two days with finalists at the Kanthal® Award, at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden – room and travel expenses included.

At the end of your Kanthal® Student Award journey, you’ll get to present your innovation on the Kanthal® Award Experience Day in front of a knowledgeable audience from the heat treatment industry.

We are flexible

As a post-graduate student, travel and spending time in Sweden might be an issue for your personal schedule. We can offer a solution that suits your situation and location in the world. You could visit Sweden for a month or a week, or spend time at another Kanthal® facility somewhere else in the world.

Our engineers could try your idea in our lab and present the result to you. If you are about to do your master’s or diploma thesis, this could be the program for you.

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…Linda Johansson, head of human resources at Kanthal, about the new Kanthal® Student Award.

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