Glasitt AS, Skjåk, Norway

Glasitt AS produces a foam glass called Glasopor®. It is a light filling material for difficult ground conditions. Glasopor foam glass is produced from recycled packaging glass from food and beverages.

Since Glasopor foam glass consists of 20 percent glass and 80 percent air, its weight is as low as half that of similar products. Accordingly, Glasopor is easy to transport and lay out. Glasopor also has good insulating and draining properties since it has non-hydroscopic features. Thus it has three environmentally friendly features – recycling, lower transportation costs and energy savings.

Motivation from the Jury:

  • Conversion from gas-based to electrical heating has extensive benefits in terms of both improved process efficiency and a reduction in harmful environmental emissions.
  • Glasitt AS has been selected by the jury as a prime example of a large-scale conversion for the Foam Glass product, which itself improves energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructure.

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