C-Tech Innovation Ltd.

With a 40-year history C-Tech Innovation is one of the UK’s most successful integrated research, technology and innovation organizations with clients across the globe in multiple sectors. Their specialties are electrochemical engineering and advanced thermal processing, both growing from their long history of electricity research.

C-Tech Innovation applies multidisciplinary teams with diverse styles to the varied challenges that are presented to them, enabling unique solutions to be realized within product and process innovation. C-Tech provides a wide range of innovation support services, assisting their clients at every step of the innovation journey, from initial idea creation and opportunity spotting right through to commercialization.

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The jury’s motivation: Efficient processing of raw materials and recovery of critical minerals and metals from waste are prerequisites for the circular economy. C-Tech Innovation is nominated for their development of a rotary furnace which uses an innovative combination of radiant and microwave heating for highly effective mineral processing.

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