GB Eco Solutions, Brazil

GB Eco Solutions was founded in 2010, initially dedicated exclusively to the area of ​​remediation and revitalization of contaminated areas (soil and groundwater). A year later GB Eco Solutions began its work with water and sewage treatment and reuse stations as well as air cleaning.

GB Eco Solutions work within four areas;

Revitalization of brownfields
Recovering of areas that have been contaminated by industrial use or accidents so that they can be used again for residential or commercial purposes without risk to the health of those who use these areas to live or work.

Wastewater treatment
Reduce the amount of pollutants in the effluent before releasing it into the environment.

Gray water reuse
Reuse of water from showers, washing machines, air conditioning etc in order to use less fresh, clean water. Treated gray water has many uses, for example toilet flushing or irrigation.

Reuse of rainwater
GB Eco Solutions sells a filter which aims to filter the rainwater collected. Water has become an increasingly rare and expensive natural resource, so the possibility of reusing rainwater is of fundamental importance for the environment and also for the economy of companies and citizens.

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The jury’s motivation: Removal of organic contamination from soil has become increasingly important in order to revitalize brown field sites for new use. GB Eco Systems is nominated for an innovative process involving vapor injection and resistance heating to extract and collect volatile contaminants to facilitate new development.

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