Finalists 2019

What does this year’s Kanthal® Award finalists have in common? Not much – and everything. Because if you compare their industries and products you will see great differences. But if you look at what drives them to innovate, that’s another story.

There it’s all about finding new ways of using existing technology to develop and better something that’s already very good. Not being satisfied with what we have today but wanting to go further. And since the environmental factor was introduced into the mix, it’s very interesting to see how all innovative companies pick up on this important parameter and make it a central part of the business model. This is also exceptionally true for this year’s finalists. So, let’s take a look at who they are.

Nycast - superfast gas

ralphNyCast_B97I5538.jpgNycast is a Swedish company that has developed a very efficient electrical process heater that can heat gases up to 1100°C with gas pressures above 10 bars, in less than a hundred milliseconds. One area in which this heater could be used is to pre-heat hydrogen for reduction of iron ore.

The jury's motivation

Gas heating is an enabling technique for many new technologies including those related to reduction of CO2 emissions in the steel and cement industries. NyCast is nominated for its innovative and efficient high temperature gas flow heater with a potential to contribute to an industrial future without greenhouse gas emissions.

Kanthal® Award 2019 - NyCast

SRF – multipurpose furnace build

btsSRF_B97I6249.jpgThe Indian company SRF has developed a multi-zone reactor furnace that makes it possible to produce intermediate for next generation’s herbicide and fungicides. Using this process, the end product becomes much cleaner, have no EHS issue, provides better agricultural productivity with less emissions.

The jury's motivation

Safe agrochemicals are a key to being able to feed an increasing global population. SRF is nominated for its use of precise high temperature control to produce fluorine based compounds with minimal impurities for use in herbicides and CFC-free refrigerants.

Kanthal® Award 2019 - SRF

centrotherm – next generation carbon fiber manufacturing

c.LAB Carbon.jpgGermany-based centrotherm has developed a low-pressure technology for energy- and cost-efficient production of tomorrow’s carbon fiber. With only 1/3 of the energy required for the oxidation process of PAN precursor and using lignocellulose instead of PAN as precursor material, this results in an environmental-friendly process due to the lack of toxic exhaust gases such as hydrocyanic acid and ammonia. Carbon fiber now has the potential to become a weight reducing material in many applications, such as electric cars.

The jury's motivation

Carbon fibers have revolutionized many fields. centrotherm is nominated for its development of novel and efficient furnace technology for stabilization of the carbon fiber precursors which has a potential to increase the accessibility of carbon fiber in many applications.

Kanthal® Award 2019 - centrotherm
The winner will be presented at the Kanthal® Award Ceremony that is held on October 24 in Stockholm, Sweden.