The winner of the first ever Kanthal® Award

The winner of Kanthal® Award in 2015 was ArcelorMittal Atlantique et Lorraine Desvres site for their innovative use of Kanthal APMT™ rollers on the galvanizing line.

The Desvres site, is located in the north of France and belongs to the Atlantic Lorraine entity which belongs to the business Nord division of ArcelorMittal group. By excluding water cooling from the process ArcelorMittal has managed to significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby contributing to a sustainable reduction in energy use.s leo.furnace-rollers.jpg

ArcelorMittal received a cash prize of 5000 euros, a statuette and a diploma. The cash prize, which is not for the winner to keep but is to be donated to a charitable organization which supports the same criteria as those on which the Kanthal® Award is based – sustainability, health and safety. Arcelor Mittal donated their award to the French bone-marrow organization France Greffe de Moelle.

“The aim of the Kanthal® Award, innovation, justifies the acceptance of the award by Arcelor Mittal. We also saw that the Sandvik culture was similar to our own in prioritizing safety. As explained by the guest speaker Fredrik Härén we focus on tomorrow challenges where energy savings is one of them. The event was friendly, allowed an exchange of ideas between people and was well organized”, says Laurent Mondy from Arcelor Mittal.

“We are happy to hear that Arcelor Mittal decided to donate their award to the French bone-marrow organization France Greffe de Moelle,” says Nicklas Nilsson, Vice President Sandvik Materials Technology and Head of Product Area Strip, Wire and Heating Technology.

“The world is facing new challenges and perhaps the major ones are to support the growing population with the prerequisites to make the world a better place for everyone. We want to be a part of solving this challenge and the Kanthal® Award is an effective way for us to do this together with our customers and partners,” Nicklas Nilsson continues.