Case story: Dowa Mining, Japan

The world's first commercial high-temperature continuous carburizing furnace was installed at a Japanese auto parts company with Tubothal electric heating elements combined with Kanthal® APM radiant tubes.

A Japanese auto parts customer of the furnace builder Dowa Mining Co. wanted to boost the capacity of their continuous carburizing furnace, which was running at 930°C (1700°F). The challenge was finding a metallic heating system that could reliably operate at much higher temperatures.

Working closely with Kanthal®, Dowa's commercial heat treatment furnace building division provided their customer with a heating system with Tubothal® electric heating elements and Kanthal APM radiant tube. The Kanthal system was the only metallic heating system capable of working at temperatures of up to the planned 1050°C (1920°F).

Replacing the old nickel-chromium heating elements and tubes with Tubothal® heating elements and Kanthal® APM radiant tubes, have significantly extended the operating life, while also beefing up the total furnace power and capacity by 30%. Some 18 months after the installation, the Kanthal system had been totally maintenance free.

As a result, the auto parts company had the world's first commercial high-temperature continuous carburizing furnace.

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