Case story: Norsk Hydro, Norway

A large aluminium rolling mill in Norway utilizes Kanthal® air heating cassettes for maintenance-free operation. And expectations have been fully met.

Today, eight air heating cassettes from Kanthal® in a pusher furnace in a large aluminum rolling mill in Norway generate a total power of 5460 kW, which gives a production rate of about four seven-ton slabs an hour. These slabs are reduced to a thickness of 0.2 mm (0.0008 inch) for more complex aluminium applications.

The Kanthal® air heating cassettes are built as a modular system with heating elements of the "Porcupine" type with Kanthal® AF 2.8 mm resistance heating wire. Furnace roof is built at 45° angle above the cassettes, that are mounted underneath and can be removed and replaced easily if necessary. Electrical connections are assembled in the space above the roof and protected from direct heat, enabling the pusher furnace to run continuously.

Download Kanthal® air heating cassettes at Hydro (PDF document, 193 kB)