Kanthal® Award

Together we can share ideas, evolve them and make them into real solutions. All with one common purpose – to make a better world for coming generations. That's the Kanthal® Award.

In response to this global need for innovations we launched the Kanthal® Award. Starting from 2015, each year we will reward innovations that make a difference, related to sustainability, quality of life, and new solutions in the area of heating technology where energy is a prerequisite.

The Kanthal® FeCrAl alloy was invented almost by accident. A forgotten sample in a furnace resulted, after years of development work, in a completely new resistance material. Since 1931 the world's most advanced FeCrAl alloys have been important products in our portfolio.

Materials innovation is in the DNA of both Kanthal® and Sandvik. Over time we have been part of thousands of innovations, but there are still many opportunities to continue on our path of innovation – at this time in our history we think that innovation related to energy efficiency is critical.

Read more about the Kanthal® Award and apply at www.kanthalaward.com