Ladle drying and ladle heating

With optimized curing during the dry out/baking process, the Kanthal solution ensures that the refractory lining lifetime is significantly extended.

To both extend the life of a ladle and reduce the risk of thermal shock, ladles must be pre-heated to 1200ºC (2190ºF) before being filled with molten cast iron. Kanthal solutions are more energy efficient, and provide dual functionality for both pre-heating and holding of liquid metal (valuable for when the anode rod mating operation is delayed for any reason).

Multifunctional efficiency

Replacing open-flame burners with more uniform Kanthal electric heating systems provide much greater efficiency and operating flexibility for ladle drying, ladle pre-heating and ladle holding.

Below you find examples of specific benefits we provide for other process steps:

Our products for Ladle drying and ladle heating

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