Heating elements for home appliances

We offer an extensive range of resistance heating alloys for all types of appliance heating elements. The wide Kanthal range of resistance heating wire and strip makes it possible to select the most appropriate grade and size for each respective application, resulting in optimum product performance.

Our products are widely used in the manufacturing of, for example:

Embedded elements

  • Cartridge elements / Powder filled elements
  • Coils in grooves
  • Elements in ceramics
  • Heating cables / Rope heaters
  • Metal sheathed tubular elements
  • Mica elements

Supported elements

  • Ceramic cartridge heaters
  • Elements in ceramic
  • Quartz tube elements

Suspended elements

  • Bead insulated coils
  • Coils immersed in water
  • Open mica elements
  • String elements
  • Suspended coils / Suspended straight wires
  • Zig-zag elements

Our products for Heating elements for home appliances

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