Electric ladle pre-heating improves customers' operation

The vast majority of aluminium producers and steel foundries today are still using fossil fuel-based solutions, gas burners or torch applications to preheat ladles. However, in all industries, the focus is increasingly on sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Kanthal® Award 2018 - Alabama Power

Turning to electric ladle preheating using renewable electricity, these companies will not only reduce their carbon emissions, but also get the benefits of improved process safety and reliability.

American company Alabama Power worked together with a partner and internal research groups to help a customer get rid of the open flame that they used for ladle preheating.

The team researched different technologies in its search to identify energy efficiency and energy conservation opportunities. They arrived at Kanthal’s electric solution for ladle preheating that will help the customer reduce gas usage, but which will also provide controllability of temperature and safety.