Case story: Gmundener Keramik, Germany

An Austrian producer of porcelain, gift items and tableware replaced their direct-heated gas furnaces with Kanthal® Super heating elements of the 1700 6/12 type, resulting in a much even temperature distribution, better product quality and significantly lower emissions.

Decorating enamel becomes brighter when fired in an electric kiln with an air atmosphere, compared to direct gas-heated kilns. Some metal oxides in the enamel such as copper oxide cannot be fired in gas kilns as the correct color balance cannot be obtained. The superior heat distribution and efficiency of electric heating elements is because the majority of the heat transfer is radiant energy reflected from the furnace interior. Another advantage of electric kilns is the absence of combustion gases, which are produced in gas kilns.

Download Kanthal® Super at Gmundener Keramik (PDF document, 1.3 MB)