Case story: Lark Heat Treating, US

A Texas-based heat treatment company replaced their nickel-chromium radiant tubes in one of its two furnaces with Kanthal® APM radiant tubes. Result: higher processing speeds and an increase of firing cycles - plus three to five times longer tube life.

After many years using nickel–chromium alloy radiant tubes in its two gas fired pit furnaces, a commercial heat treater in Texas specializing in services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries decided to replace the tubes in one of their furnaces with Kanthal® APM radiant tubes.

The nickel-chromium alloy tubes lasted about six years on average and could maintain temperatures between 430°C and 1040°C (800-1900°F). Very soon, the Kanthal® APM tubes enabled the furnace to increase processing speed and an increase of firing cycles.

Due to the higher operating temperature capability of the Kanthal® APM radiant tubes 1250°C [2280°F] compared to 1040°C [1900°F]) and a tube service life that is three to five times longer, the company decided to convert the tubes in their second pit furnace to Kanthal® APM tubes.

Download Kanthal® APM at Lark Heat Treating (PDF document, 857 kB)