Rodding shops

Replacing gas burners with electrical heaters in the rodding shop can save you significant energy costs. In fact, the net efficiency of Kanthal electric heating systems is 70%, compared with only 20% for gas.

Kanthal electric heating systems for rodding shops slash energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions

By using electric heating instead of gas you also acquire systems that generate zero greenhouse gas emissions - a step in minimizing your environmental impact. Furthermore, you achieve a cleaner, safer and quieter environment, making it a much healthier place for your operators.

Efficient precision heating

Kanthal electric heating systems provide significant improvements over gas burners at critical stages in the rodding shop. In each process step, with the exception of the anode stub drying station, Kanthal heating system includes a heating element located in a reflector arrangement that allows the radiation to be more accurately directed towards the target area.

Connected products

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