24 Jul 2019 , Press release

Opening up new possibilities, Kanthal® part of the Sandvik Group is introducing Thermothal™ KM – a new alloy for Mineral Insulated Cable (MIC) thermocouple manufacturers.

27 Jun 2019 , News

A unique type of radiant furnace tube has entered the market. Kanthal® AF Tubes outperform common NiCr tubes, and they are economical as well.

24 Jun 2019 , News

Kanthal’s brand-new Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements have been specially designed to deliver exceptional performance in the toughest conditions. Both ensure longer element life, reduced maintenance needs and downtime, and enhanced quality and process stability.

11 Jun 2019 , News

Switching to electrical heating can halve the energy required to produce many goods, while reducing costs and increasing production speed, a report from one of the world’s leading climate-change thinktanks has concluded.

25 Apr 2019 , News

Replacing fossil fuels with electricity for heating and heat treatment would improve the steel industry’s environmental footprint. According to the Swedish Steel Producers’ Association, converting to electric power for these types of processes could cut their CO2 emissions in half.

23 Apr 2019 , Press release

With the capacity for full-scale industrial heat testing, Kanthal’s state-of-the-art Pilot Plant in Hallstahammar, Sweden, is the only testing site of its kind in the world. Coupled with three other test centers around the world, Kanthal Services’ two new offerings, Process Labs and Pilot Plant, have all the necessary equipment and resources to test new process ideas, regardless of the scope.

23 Apr 2019 , Press release

Kanthal® launches Heliothal™ LT, an electric ladle heater that allows aluminum and steel producers and foundries to benefit from the advantages of heating with electricity instead of fossil fuels.

18 Apr 2019 , News

As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, more and more heating processes are making the switch to electric. This is the message from Daniel Burton, business manager, Kanthal® Services, in his presentation at CastExpo 2019.

18 Apr 2019 , Press release

The advantages of switching from fossil-fuel-powered heating to electric is in focus when Daniel Burton, business manager at Kanthal® Services, gives his talk and presents Kanthal’s product launches at CastExpo.

8 Mar 2019 , News

It’s the International Women’s Day today. The theme for this year is #BalanceforBetter and calls for gender equality, something that was absolutely outrageous in 1910 when the International Women’s Day was held for the first time. We’ve come a long way since then, but there are still fights to take.

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