7 Mar 2023 , Feature

Linda Widigsson is one of few female CFOs in the history of Kanthal and for the past months she has been the acting President of the company. She is also on this year’s prestigious mining and steel industry list ”40 over 40”. The achievements are results of a career based on taking on fun and interesting roles.

21 Dec 2022 , Feature

Kanthal GmbH has once again received an award for its sustainable human resources policy in the audit berufundfamilie. The aim of the audit is to consciously shape working life in companies with a focus on the needs of families and the life phases of employees.

28 Nov 2022 , Feature

The Energy Saving Element (ESE) product line from Kanthal offers reduced heat loss through insulation of heating elements. This translates to lower energy consumption compared with traditional designs, without compromising productivity.

1 Nov 2022 , Feature

Creating one environmental mess to solve another makes no sense. So says John Walker, CEO of Tees Valley Lithium, a leader in the quest to remove fossil fuels from battery production at what is planned to be the world’s largest lithium hydroxide refining facility, situated in northeast England.

1 Nov 2022 , Feature

Tees Valley Lithium’s lithium hydroxide refinery, projected to produce 96,000 metric tons per year, aims to be all-electric. John Walker, the company’s CEO, says they are doing all they can to eliminate fossil fuels and embedded carbon in their process. Meanwhile, Kanthal has readied itself and its products for the transition to a new lithium-ion battery supply chain.

7 Oct 2022 , Feature

Aluminum is essential to modern society and stands to play an important part in future sustainable applications. As the industry seeks to reduce its climate impact, electrification is one solution that could help reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. So says Pernelle Nunez, Deputy Secretary General and Sustainability Director at the International Aluminium Institute.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

Roller hearth kilns equipped with silicon carbide elements have been the standard for the calcination process in cathode production for many years. But what if a rotary kiln would be a better option? Kanthal would like to challenge the status quo.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

To drive the world’s energy transition, we need at least a hundred times more battery capacity than we have today. However, for batteries to be part of a greener future, we need to rethink how they are sourced, manufactured and recycled. So says Y. Shirley Meng, a professor of molecular engineering at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

As demand for electric vehicles grows exponentially, the battery market has never been hotter. But what if electric vehicles are just the start of a battery-powered future?

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