17 Nov 2020 , Feature

After making a number of custom-made modifications to its Globar® SiC heating elements, Kanthal was able to help Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland increase the lifespan of its elements to an average of two years from seven months.

28 Oct 2020 , Press release

Kanthal is adding a 60 kW heater to its range of flow heaters to meet demands for higher power in industries like aluminum and glass.

27 Oct 2020 , Feature

Compared with conventional air heaters, the Kanthal® Flow Heater range can heat air and process gases to higher temperatures with greater accuracy. In order to deliver these benefits to a wider range of industries and applications, a new 60 kW model has been launched.

27 Oct 2020 , Feature

The aluminum industry is in a bind. Global demand shows no sign of slowing, yet there is a growing need to reduce emissions in its carbon-intensive production processes. A switch from gas burners to electrification could be part of the answer.

22 Oct 2020 , Feature

For additive manufacturing to take the next step in the world of metal parts, post-process heat treatment is the key to quality.

22 Oct 2020 , Feature

Finding the right combination of materials and heat treatment can go a long way toward advancing the science of additive manufacturing.

30 Sep 2020 , Feature

The choice of heating element has a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of a furnace, but it is not the only factor. In fact, if other considerations are not taken into account, the savings achieved from an energy-efficient element can quickly disappear.

23 Sep 2020 , Press release

Custom Electric Manufacturing was acquired by Sweden-based Kanthal in 2018 and will now go to market under the Kanthal brand. The transition will be effective as of January 1, 2021.

9 Sep 2020 , Feature

There’s this girl. Her name is Xin and she is one of a kind. Actually, if you ask Tong Wu from Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, she is the most amazing person he’s ever met. This summer, he had booked a restaurant in Shenzhen to propose to her. He had a very special ring in mind.

19 Aug 2020 , Feature

Kanthal’s Globar® SiC (silicon carbide) heating elements have been specifically engineered for high-tech applications with tough conditions, such as cathode material production. The substrate’s unique microstructure makes it more reliable and ensures consistency in quality.

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