6 Jan 2020 , News

Kanthal acquires privately owned Thermaltek Inc., headquartered in North Carolina, USA. The company designs, manufactures, and services high-temperature furnaces and heating elements, specialized for the molten metals, glass and ceramics industries.

1 Nov 2019 , Feature

When young technology meets established knowledge, the path to innovation is opened. Kanthal President Nicklas Nilsson and Head of R&D and Technologies Dilip Chandrasekaran see endless possibilities as well as great customer value with the new customization service, Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing.

1 Nov 2019 , Press release

As global technology leader in electrical heating and high-temperature applications, Kanthal launches an additive manufacturing service that disrupts traditional design of heating elements and components. Together with the new iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy, Kanthal® AM100, specially developed for 3D-printing, the new service called Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing offers a revolutionary solution for the heating industry.

1 Nov 2019 , Feature

Great minds think alike, it’s been said, and the recent collaborative project between AGA and Kanthal demonstrates this truth. Thinking outside the box and finding new geometries are some of the results of their joint move into additive manufacturing with heat resistant material.

25 Oct 2019 , News

The steel and cement industries are striving to reduce their CO2 emissions by converting to fossil-free operations. Efficient electrical heating processes are enablers for this development. The Swedish innovator, NyCast AB, wins the Kanthal® Award 2019 for their heating innovation that has the potential to contribute to an industrial future without greenhouse gas emissions.

15 Oct 2019 , News

With the help of the latest chatbot technology, Kanthal has taken a new approach to the once drawn-out process in an effort to get you the answers you deserve.

24 Jul 2019 , Press release

Opening up new possibilities, Kanthal® part of the Sandvik Group is introducing Thermothal® KM – a new alloy for Mineral Insulated Cable (MIC) thermocouple manufacturers.

27 Jun 2019 , Feature

A unique type of radiant furnace tube has entered the market. Kanthal® AF Tubes outperform common NiCr tubes, and they are economical as well.

24 Jun 2019 , Feature

Kanthal’s brand-new Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements have been specially designed to deliver exceptional performance in the toughest conditions. Both ensure longer element life, reduced maintenance needs and downtime, and enhanced quality and process stability.

11 Jun 2019 , Feature

Switching to electrical heating can halve the energy required to produce many goods, while reducing costs and increasing production speed, a report from one of the world’s leading climate-change thinktanks has concluded.

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