Excellent resistance to oxidation and stable pricing with Nikrothal® TE alloy for tubular heating elements

Photo caption: Bash test which is used to test alloy life.

Fluctuating nickel prices over the past 20 years have made it difficult for heating element manufacturers to maintain stable price levels for their products. This, in turn, has been a cause for concern for electrical appliance manufacturers.

Nikrothal TE is an innovative austenitic nickel-chromium alloy developed for use in metal sheathed tubular heating elements in domestic appliances and other heating equipment. A viable replacement for A-Grade nickel chromium (NiCr 80/20), its reduced nickel content will allow lower surcharges and more stable pricing.

Excellent oxidation resistance

Nikrothal TE's oxidation resistance is on par with A-Grade nickel chromium and will provide long life in correctly designed tubular heating elements. Its higher temperature coefficient also means "less wire for the same ohms". In addition, the lower density of Nikrothal TE means less weight for the same coil.

Since Nikrothal TE has only a slightly higher resistivity compared to A-Grade nickel chromium, element manufacturers will find the redesign process simple and straightforward, but final testing and verification of Nikrothal TE in specific applications are required and are the responsibility of the element manufacturer.

Potential savings

Sandvik has 150 years' expertise in metallurgy and Sandvik's Kanthal brand represents 80 years' experience in heating technology. Sandvik technical experts can calculate the potential savings offered to customers by switching to Nikrothal TE.


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