Kanthal takes hot wall retort technology to new level

Kanthal launches a range of cylindrical retorts for vacuum, controlled and oxidizing atmospheres made from Kanthal APMT™ material with mantle diameters up to 520mm.

The retorts offer maximum process temperatures between 1200 and 1250°C (2192 and 2282°F) depending on size and operating conditions, which is at least 100 to 200°C higher than existing NiCr retorts. The new Kanthal retort makes it possible to high temperature sinter and heat treat steels and Co-base components in an externally heated hot wall retort process, thereby offering outstanding process flexibility and economy.

"The new Kanthal APMT retort means a completely new way of high temperature heat treating in vacuum and controlled atmosphere. No more damage on internal Mo or graphite elements since now all the heating is done externally with elements operating in air." says Bo Jönsson, professor and senior technical expert on the Kanthal APMT material.

Join us at HK (HärtereiKongress) HeatTreatmentCongress 2016 - Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, October 26 – 28 to talk about how this and other Kanthal high temperature solutions can help you. Find Kanthal in Hall 4.1. Stand E-039 www.hk-awt.de

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