Next generation heating solutions from Kanthal® at Aluminium 2016

Making its show debut at Aluminium 2016 is the all-new range of Kanthal® electric ladle heaters offering an operational efficiency around 95%, while cutting the heat up times by up to 50%.

This breakthrough in heating efficiency utilizes significant advances in radiant electric heating technology. Kanthal® ladle heaters can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% in most installations where gas burners are replaced and provide a more accurate and even heat distribution, extremely beneficial in aluminium production.

Easy to install, the electric ladle heaters give an increased refractory life and offer better process control which in turn contributes to improved product quality and productivity. They are available either as a separate unit or as a complete installation including an advanced control system. An additional benefit is that in operation no emissions of CO, NOx or CO2 are produced. "We believe these innovative electric ladle heaters offer users the most economical and cost efficient systems available today," said Marcus Andersson, Product Manager, Kanthal®. "They are part of Kanthal's complete portfolio of heating solutions specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs in the aluminium industry.

"Another key product for the aluminium industry is Kanthal's gas flow heaters equipped with an extremely compact design and very wide flow range. A new application for the flow heaters, developed specifically for the aluminium industry, is filter box preheating and an example of this will be displayed on the Kanthal® booth.

Available in four power versions, 3.5 kW, 11 kW, 20 kW and 40 kW, the flow heaters are capable of high gas outlet temperatures of up to 1100°C (2012°F) and have a precise controllability of ±1˚C (±1˚F). This is a significant increase over most conventional flow heater designs that are limited to gas temperatures of 800°C (1470°F).Advantages for end users include easier installation, cleaner work environments and fewer safety risks compared with conventional gas burners.

Examples from the Kanthal® range of anode baking thermocouples will also be featured at the show. Utilizing outer Kanthal® APM™ tubes, the thermocouples are purpose designed for use in oxidizing, neutral and reducing environments with high resistance to carburization and sulfur corrosion. Manufactured to exacting standards and in high quality materials for accuracy and extended operational life, the sensors are suitable for all types of furnaces and for temperature ranges up to +1400˚C (+2550˚F).All Kanthal® products and services in the area of industrial heating technology and resistance materials fit into the wider Sandvik offering. For further information please visit the Kanthal® website: