Sunfire GmbH the winner of Kanthal® Award 2017

Germany-based Sunfire GmbH was appointed winner by the jury at the Kanthal Award ceremony that took place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 4.

The motivation from the Jury is: “Sunfire GmbH has developed a process converting regenerative power, CO2 and water into synthetic gas or a crude oil substitute (Blue Crude) which has the potential to satisfy the key need for CO2-neutral transportation fuels for the sustainable society of tomorrow. Sunfire is nominated for their process which utilizes waste heat with the help of efficient high temperature flow heaters to maximize the overall efficiency.”

“It feels great, I’m very motivated”, said Sebastian Becker, Sunfire GmbH. “Sunfire has a very motivated team and we are eager to make the world more renewable. Hopefully we have the right idea at the right time with the right people, and I think this can make us successful.”

Dr Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of R&D and Technology at Kanthal, and Chairman of the Jury, said: “Sunfire GmbH has with their technology fulfilled the key criteria for the Kanthal® Award, to promote innovation, sustainability and benefits on a global scale.”

The Kanthal® Award recognizes innovations related to new solutions in sustainability, quality of life and the field of energy efficiency.

The Kanthal® Award includes a prize sum of 5000 Euro ($5500), a statuette and a diploma. The prize sum is, however, not for the winner to keep, but is to be donated to a charitable organization which supports the same criteria on which the Kanthal® Award is based. Sunfire GmbH will donate their award to the environmental organization Greenpeace.

Kanthal is Sandvik Groups global brand in heating technology with access to Sandvik's world-class resources, including research and development and advanced processing technologies. The company has a strong tradition in innovation and makes extensive investments in R&D.

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