Kanthal Award prize donated to Rotary International

Rotary International recently received a check for $5,500.00 as a result of Proton Power Inc winning the 2016 Kanthal® Award. Proton Power won the award for their innovative technology, ideal for green and clean energy applications for current and future generations.

The Kanthal® Award includes a prize sum of 5,000 Euro ($5,500), a statuette and a diploma. The prize sum is, however, not for the winner to keep, but is to be donated to a charitable organization which supports the same criteria the Kanthal® Award is based on – sustainability, health and safety. Proton Power Inc decided to donate their award to Rotary International, an organization in which Dr. Weaver, Proton Power President and CEO, is an active member. The donation ceremony was held at the Rotary Club of Knoxville, USA, luncheon on February 14th, 2017.

Proton Power, as the most recent winner of the Kanthal® Award, clearly embodies the defined criteria for the award, of sustainability, health and safety, which make up the key components to receive this distinction.

"As a result, we in conjunction with Proton Power are proud to support the efforts of Rotary International with the prize funds designated for their global outreach," said Bernie Fredrick Regional Sales Manager for Kanthal®, Part of Sandvik Group.

Dr. Weaver has been actively involved with the Rotary International organization for a number of years. The mission statement for the organization includes an extensive list of charitable goals: Promote Peace, Fight Disease, Provide Clean Water, Save Mothers and Children, Support Education, Grow Local Economies and End Polio Forever.

"We look forward to a continued partnership with Proton Power to further promote their vision of a green and clean energy supply for both current and future generations," added Bernie Fredrick.

About Kanthal® Award

The Kanthal® Award recognizes innovations related to new solutions in Sustainability, Quality of Life and the field of Energy Efficiency. We believe in the power of sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas, evolving them and introducing them to the marketplace. All with one common purpose – to make a sustainable world for coming generations.

Over time our innovations within materials technology have given us amazing architecture, revolutionary new techniques and safer environments. But there is still a lot to do to ensure a more sustainable world for coming generations. We know that innovations can enable people to live safer, healthier and more sustainable lives by developing better and more effective processes. Most important are perhaps the ones related to energy.

The Kanthal® Award is a yearly event and has now been awarded twice. The first winner in 2015 was the ArcelorMittal Desvres site in France for their use of furnace rollers without water cooling and in 2016 the winner was Proton Power Inc for their green and clean energy supply. The 2017 Kanthal® Award is soon to be launched for applications.