Kanthal® Services offers electric ladle heating systems with full customer support

The range of Kanthal electric ladle heaters has been packaged under a new complete offer. Along with ladle heater, control system and lifting equipment, the offer provides customers with thermal modelling, consultancy and installation.

The electric ladle heater by Kanthal, part of Sandvik Group, utilizes significant advances in radiant electric heating technology. By using electricity instead of gas for the heating of ladles, ferrous and non-ferrous industrial partners of Kanthal can reduce their energy consumption by up to 70% and heat up times by up to 50%, with an operational efficiency of around 95%.

“In addition to the much higher efficiency that our customers can achieve with our electric ladle heating systems, we now offer them even more peace of mind when it comes to maintenance and support,” said Daniel Burton, Business Manager, Kanthal Services.

“Our heating experts can assist with repairs, parts replacements, scheduled services, refurbishment and, when required, preventive maintenance. Our global service agreement also means that we can help our customers no matter where they are”, Burton continues.

Easy to install, Kanthal electric ladle heaters give an increased refractory life and offer better process control for improved product quality and productivity.

As part of Kanthal Services, with full customer service support, the ladle heaters can now help to optimize performance and shorten process times even further, as part of an advanced monitoring and control system. The heaters are available either as a separate unit or as a complete turnkey installation.

An additional benefit of using Kanthal’s electric system is that no emissions of CO, NOx or CO2 are produced during operation.

“We believe these innovative electric ladle heating systems offer users the most economical and cost efficient systems available today,” said Burton.

Kanthal electric ladle heaters can be ordered as a turn-key system or they can be supplied as components from the heating element to the control cabinet and lifting device. They are part of Kanthal’s complete portfolio of heating solutions specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

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