A quick look back on one year in the industry before APEC 2018

Before joining Kanthal, I had a minute understanding of the power electronics world. My educational background was in mining engineering, and although I took an Electrical Theory course at university, I wasn't thinking too hard about how they make the world go ‘round.

Fast forward to 2018 and I now find myself attending my third power electronics show in the US. What engages me most is how Kanthal can have a product which lasts decades in the field, yet new applications emerge every month. From mobile medical devices to making motors more efficient, the flexibility of ceramic resistors is only limited to the imagination. Moreover, I enjoy discussing constraints from the electrical engineers’ perspective and challenging our own expertise to use the given footprint, energy or voltage requests. That is where the creativity comes into play. Not every circuit has a simple topography and something that worked for high voltage circuit breakers may need a completely new approach for electric substations.

To be honest, I still don't know the painful details of exactly how each electron behaves when you flip the switch, but looking at things from a high level has always been more of my forte. Coming back to the APEC trade show, I'm always blown away by the advances made in the technical sessions, and I sometimes consider it a win when I can understand just the titles of the presentations.

So, this time around, I am setting goals for myself to learn at least three new things each day. Whether it is in conversations at the booth, technical sessions, or just hearing more about why you are attending, I’m looking forward to hearing more. You can find out more information from our press release and If you're in San Antonio,TX from March 4-8, feel free to stop by booth 1549 and teach me something new about Power Electronics!

Jason Cappiello is working as Business Development Manager for Electronic Components at Kanthal. Here he reflects over the past year and looks forward to APEC 2018.