Relocated a manufacturing operation during production

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A Norwegian customer within the agricul­tural industry offers an extensive package to the professional farming community. Quenching techniques and material properties are the main core competencies within
the customer’s operations.


The complex challenge was to maintain production during equipment relocation and refurbishment of the customer’s hardening facilities, which covered an area of 2100 m2. Kanthal Services was asked to handle both the relocation and the refurbishing. Achieving this with production running required a sequential approach to minimize downtime for the operation.


The new equipment was designed according to furnace directives (EN 746) and applicable standards to fulfill the CE marking requirements. Together with the Kanthal Services project management team the project was planned in five packages, with the following deliverables:

  • Project management
  • Engineering design of five turnkey solutions
  • Energy efficiency with the new design
  • Turnkey solution with installation and commissioning

Each package consisted of one nitriding furnace, one salt bath and one pit furnace. The fifth package was the delivery of a large batch furnace to the operations.


When our Norwegian customer decided to relocate their operations, at Kanthal Services we said: “Let us manage your project from start to finish”. We commissioned three furnaces on each occasion and minimized the shutdown period by crea­tive and careful planning. This made it possible for the customer to keep their operations running, maintain their comp­etitiveness and remain a reliable partner to their customers throughout the entire relocation project.

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Engineering Design

With the new heating system design, Kanthal Services was able to reduce the equipment’s energy usage.

Energy Efficiency

When the reduction was measured, a 14% increase in energy efficiency was indicated for the new large batch furnace compared with the existing furnace. The simulations calculated that changing the insula­tion material from brick to fiber would result in a reduction in energy usage of up to 35%. The custo­mer will be able to monitor energy consumption by means of an energy log provided by the SCADA system.


The installations were performed sequentially by a Kanthal Services field service engineer at the customer site.