Kanthal increases its heating and resistance wire production capacity in Hallstahammar

To meet increased demand for heating, resistance and thermocouple wire globally, Kanthal will expand its capacity by reopening its drawing mill in Hallstahammar, Sweden. The mill opens today, on 14 March 2018.

“We want to support our customers to grow and stay competitive. To be able to do this, we must ramp up our production of Kanthal® wire to secure short and reliable lead times," says Christoffer Saarnio, Global Supply Chain Manager, Kanthal. “With the new production line, we will be able to meet increased demand for many years to come.”

The decision behind the reopening is based on a conviction that the global demand for appliance and thermocouple wire will continue to grow over time. The new production line is designed in a flexible way to secure a sustainable and cost-effective wire drawing.

Nicklas Nilsson, President at Kanthal says: “We have produced Kanthal wire in Hallstahammar since 1931, except for the past five years. It’s great to close the circle and once again see the drawing mill up and running.”

For more information, please contact:
Christoffer Saarnio, Global Supply Chain Manager
Telephone: +46722403330
Email: christoffer.saarnio@sandvik.com