Kanthal welcomes OEMs to Ceramics Expo 2018

Superthal® SHC heating module, produced by Kanthal.

Kanthal, a world leader in industrial heating technology and resistance materials, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Ceramics Expo 2018 trade show in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

When Cleveland’s International Exhibition Center opens its doors May 1 this year, Kanthal, the heating and materials technology expert, will be one of the main attractions for OEMs looking for technical excellence and support.

Ceramics Expo 2018, the leading trade show in North America for advanced ceramics and glass materials, manufacturing and technologies, will see a presentation of the company’s unique range of products and services.

Kanthal’s products cover temperatures and applications from 120 °F (50 °C) up to 3400 °F (1870 °C). Moreover, the company makes heating elements using its own raw materials. This means it can offer unparalleled knowledge and experience of all aspects of heating processes in manufacturing.

Art Moslow, Technical Marketing Manager, NAFTA, Kanthal, says, “At Ceramics 2018 we will be focusing on all applications in the consumer electronics industry that require heating elements for a wide range of temperatures."

“One example is the ceramic components used in smartphones. These typically require a precision processing capability involving high temperatures, rapid thermal response times and uniformity to meet extreme demands.”

Another area for Kanthal’s expertise is sintering furnaces for 3D printing. Here, the company is focusing on original equipment manufacturers who produce products and systems for commercial use.

Moslow explains, “Normally, these customers 3D print a component and then heat it in order to harden it for use in commercial applications. As we have the widest product range of any heating elements supplier on the market, we can provide them with the heating elements they need inside their furnaces, large or small.”

Whatever the heating challenges facing manufacturers at Ceramics 2018, Kanthal’s technical experts will be on hand at the company’s booth to give advice and offer solutions

Concludes Moslow, “Our overall message to visitors is that Kanthal is committed to helping them improve their processes so that they can increase their production capacity and reduce their energy consumption.”

The Ceramics Expo 2018 will be held May 1-3 at the International Exhibition Center (I-X Center) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, where Kanthal will be located at stand number 647.

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