Kanthal® Award winner 2018: Bharat Energy Storage Technology

Congratulations to Bharat Energy Storage Technology (BEST), winner of Kanthal® Award 2018. The Indian start-up company was awarded for their pioneering work in sustainable energy technologies.

BEST is active in the High-Density Energy Storage field and are planning to open the world's first thermal battery plant in May 2019, where they will build high energy density storage devices made of renewable material only and designed to last for as long as 25 years, far longer than lithium ion batteries.

The jury's motivation:

Energy storage is a crucial issue in order to be able to utilize the full potential of renewable but intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power. Bharat Energy Storage Technology is nominated for their innovative energy storage and power generation technology, based on heated silicon and Stirling motors, which can be used to balance fluctuations in the grid.

– I was really happy to hear that that BEST won this year's Kanthal Award. It's an inspiring and innovative company that has the potential to make a real difference for people and the environment, says Subhrangsu Chattopadhyay, Vice President Heating Systems and Head of Sales at Kanthal India.

He explains that BEST has offered the Indian Government to provide remote areas in India that are out of reach for the power grid today with power. This opens up new opportunities for people living in these areas, in everything from standard of living to education and business.

BEST chose to donate the 5,000€ to Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute (PVRI) for their work with screening for retinopathy in premature babies.

– We couldn't be any happier and prouder. This is proof of that what we are doing is not only interesting for tech people, but also in a much broader perspective. The award will push us even more to keep developing energy storage solutions for the future, says Mr. Prakash Bhaskharabhitla, Managing Director of BEST.

– The nominees this year are truly fantastic. They are all driven by the belief in innovation as absolutely crucial, not only for their own growth, but also for society as a whole, says Nicklas Nilsson, President of Kanthal and founder of the Kanthal Award.

Dilip Chandrasekaran, R&D Manager, Kanthal, announces the winner.

Nicklas Nilsson with the prestigious statuett.