Kanthal Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Gets  ISO 17025 Accreditation

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at Kanthal, Hallstahammar, Sweden.

The Kanthal analytical chemistry laboratory in Hallstahammar, Sweden, has achieved its first ISO 17025 accreditation – raising the bar for material traceability, work routines and quality assurance.

"The ISO 17025 accreditation is an important milestone for the analytical lab in Hallstahammar. It provides customers with a seal of quality and sets a new benchmark for Kanthal’s innovation lifecycle and work routines," explains Petra Fridström, Analytical Laboratory Manager, Kanthal.

By upgrading to ISO 17025, the Kanthal analytical laboratory will be synchronized with standards applied throughout Sandvik Group, to meet new requirements for documentation, traceability of material properties, analytical methodologies and training.

"This initial ISO 17025 accreditation is the first goal and covers five methods. Our efforts will now continue to validate all processes," adds Fridström.

ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard for organizations performing testing, sampling or calibration in all types of laboratories. It is widely used by research centers, product certification and inspection bodies to ensure reliable results. Test reports and certificates are accepted from one country to another.

Kanthal’s R&D center in Hallstahammar works closely with customers to provide full-scale production trials and testing, analyze the microstructure of materials, computational modelling and more.

Petra Fridström concludes: "We will now focus intensively on training to bring all lab personnel up to speed with ISO 17025 guidelines, so that they can operate at the highest possible standards."

"Our long-term aim is to expand the laboratory portfolio to include analysis of non-Kanthal materials as an added service."

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