Cost-effective Heliothal™ LT electric ladle heater delivers efficiency and sustainability

Kanthal® launches Heliothal™ LT, an electric ladle heater that allows aluminum and steel producers and foundries to benefit from the advantages of heating with electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Kanthal, a world-leading supplier of heating technology products and services, is launching the new Heliothal™ LT electric ladle heater on April 27 at CastExpo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This version of Heliothal™ electric ladle heaters is specifically designed for foundries processing nonferrous metals with a lower melting point than 800°C (1472°F), which include aluminum, zinc, tin and lead.

“Customers not requiring the very highest temperature ranges in their process benefit from this solution, which delivers simpler operation and more robust design at a more affordable cost, while still being as effective and efficient as our other ladle heaters,” says Daniel Burton, business manager, Kanthal® Services.

All Heliothal™ electric ladle heaters are up to three times more energy efficient than fossil fuel ladle heaters, can reduce processing time by up to 50 percent and produce no noise or harmful emissions. They deliver energy-efficient solutions for heating and preheating up to ladle temperatures of 1500°C (2732°F) and ladle sizes from ID 500 mm to ID 2100 mm (19.69 to 82.68 inches).

Kanthal’s groundbreaking electric solution is quieter, safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient than its gas-driven predecessors. It also has no carbon footprint, provided the electricity is generated from a renewable source. Electric ladle heaters also extend refractory lifetime and improve process control, thereby enhancing product quality and increasing yield.

“Heliothal™ electric ladle heaters are here to make the ladle heating process safer, more efficient and far more environmentally sound,” Burton concludes.

Positive safety aspects of electrical ladle heating:

  • They do not produce water vapour unlike fossil fuels which can condense and cause explosions in the foundry industry.
  • There is no possibility to produce poisonous gases such as NOx and CO which are unsafe to emit into the work environment.
  • Explosive fossil fuels can be removed from the foundry workspace – fossil fuels and molten metal are not safe partners.

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