New Kanthal® service offering allows for proving before committing to large cap investments

Dilip Chandrasekaran, head of Research at Kanthal, examines test equipment.

With the capacity for full-scale industrial heat testing, Kanthal’s state-of-the-art Pilot Plant in Hallstahammar, Sweden, is the only testing site of its kind in the world. Coupled with three other test centers around the world, Kanthal Services’ two new offerings, Process Labs and Pilot Plant, have all the necessary equipment and resources to test new process ideas, regardless of the scope.

Kanthal’s one-of-a-kind Pilot Plant in Hallstahammar, Sweden, is uniquely positioned to test and validate the most complex heating process technologies and electrical industrial heating solutions. It offers considerable on-site expertise and cutting-edge equipment as well as a wide range of industrial process gases.

“Our Pilot Plant test center in Hallstahammar offers almost unlimited capacity in terms of power and space,” says Daniel Burton, Business Manager, Kanthal® Services. “We are proud to be the only company in the world to offer capacity for full-scale industrial heat testing.”

Kanthal® also operates four Process Labs situated in Hallstahammar, Sweden; Walldorf, Germany; Sonora, California, USA; and Perth, Australia. They have the capacity to carry out small- and medium-scale tests of heating processes.

“By using our test centers within our Process Labs and Pilot Plant offerings to try out new process ideas, you both save time before making large capital investments or disrupting your operations,” Burton says. “And you can choose the right center for your needs, from small-scale lab testing to industrial-scale production site testing.”

The offering at our Process Labs and Pilot Plant goes all the way from lab research to full scale process testing.

Kanthal® has access to 50 advanced test furnaces and lab engineers with more than 80 years of experience in complex heating process technology. Its goal is to help its customers find more sustainable solutions that are both energy- and cost-efficient.

Kanthal’s test centers also offer the opportunity to try out processes for replacing fossil fuels with electricity without the need for major capital investment.

“The future is electric,” Burton says. “It’s better to be an early adopter and get on board now, instead of being left behind by the competition – especially since a technology switch like this typically takes some years to develop and implement. With our Process Labs and Pilot Plant service offerings, companies can try out new methods without risking too much.”