Kanthal enhances silicon carbide portfolio

Kanthal’s brand-new Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements have been specially designed to deliver exceptional performance in the toughest conditions. Both ensure longer element life, reduced maintenance needs and downtime, and enhanced quality and process stability.

We developed these products in-house in response to specific market demands

“We developed these products in-house in response to specific market demands,” says Martin McIver, Global Product Manager for Kanthal’s Globar® range of SiC products. “They will enable our customers to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and extend time between maintenance intervals on their furnaces, whether existing or new.

There is also a strong demand from our customer base to meet environmental and sustainability targets and these products will help achieve that through higher productivity.”

Kanthal is the heating technology brand within Sandvik, the world’s leading manufacturer of silicon carbide heating elements. Kanthal’s two newest, top-of-therange SiC products, Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max, will form part of the Globar® Precision Range within the Globar® family. Each of the state-of-the-art products in this family has been specially tailored for specific atmospheres and conditions, as opposed to generic applications.

Made for the toughest conditions

Martin McIver, Global Product Manager for Kanthal’s Globar®Martin explains that the two newest members of the Globar® family will fill previous gaps in the market. “Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max have been designed for use in the very toughest operating conditions”, he says, “and both represent a significant improvement on previous versions, delivering longer element life, reduced need for maintenance, fewer shutdowns and enhanced quality and process stability.”

“As manufacturing processes become increasingly complex and technical, customer requirements are becoming more specific,” he says, adding that “Globar® Glass Seal and Globar® HD Max are particularly well suited for use in the glass and electronics industries, and for applications in which the atmosphere is aggressive or water vapour is present.”

Combine lower costs with higher product quality

Globar® HD Max was developed to enable customers currently using standard products for high-tech applications or particularly challenging conditions to upgrade for longer product lifetime. Globar® HD Max offers increased reliability and more consistent heating profiles. It features a thicker wall, resulting in a more robust product with greater corrosion resistance, reduced risk of mechanical breakage and enhanced performance, resulting in up to 50% longer lifetime. This leads to a reduced total product cost for our customers.

Globar® HD Max has a wide resistance range, making it interchangeable with conventional elements and allowing customers to easily upgrade and benefit from its advantages.

Globar® Glass Seal has been specially developed for use in corrosive atmospheres and those with high water content, especially within the glass, electronics and precious metals industries. The effect of Globar® Glass Seal is that it protects the element from chemical attack, resulting in a product lifetime that can be up to three times longer than that of a standard element.

Globar® Glass Seal reduces the need for furnace maintenance and therefore minimizes downtime, ensuring temperature uniformity for longer periods of time. This delivers better product quality from the furnace and has a positive impact on process stability and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

“Both products are interchangeable with existing products and work in all resistance ranges, making them suitable for both new and existing applications,” Martin says. “Customers who choose to replace an old product with either Globar® Glass Seal or Globar® HD Max will be able to reduce their manufacturing costs, improve product quality and extend the service and maintenance intervals on their furnace.”

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