DIGITHAL™ : Our concierge and direct channel to live support

With the help of the latest chatbot technology, Kanthal has taken a new approach to the once drawn-out process in an effort to get you the answers you deserve.

When it comes to buying from manufacturers, we understand that there is alot of information to gather to see if you are a good fit. You might have run into the ever “popular” lead form which has led to stale back and forth emails days later…not an experience for 2019.Chatbot 2.jpg

With DIGITHAL™ we meet new customers when they are ready to meet us. From the homepage, the user has the option to explore product specific pages or seek local support to their problem. While we are striving for live support, we have the chatbot available for a brief qualifying conversation which is then sent to the regional team.

Before, we would take a bit more reserved approach while waiting for people to come to us, the experts, for materials knowledge. But with the rise of the internet (and a dose of self-humbling), information has become more accessible and the pace at which we gather information has skyrocketed. Looking back on ourselves, it wasn't until late last year that the visitor could even find the form needed to fill in!

Since launching in July, we have seen double the engagement on Kanthal.com and had the chance to integrate users’ feedback into our everyday process.

To be number one or two in the industry, we have to challenge the way in which we approach the customer acquisition process. People expect support quickly – any waiting time can lead to lost opportunities. While we can't speak with every person who comes to our website each day, just offering a fast track for users has been quite the game changer.