1 Nov 2022 , Feature

Tees Valley Lithium’s lithium hydroxide refinery, projected to produce 96,000 metric tons per year, aims to be all-electric. John Walker, the company’s CEO, says they are doing all they can to eliminate fossil fuels and embedded carbon in their process. Meanwhile, Kanthal has readied itself and its products for the transition to a new lithium-ion battery supply chain.

7 Oct 2022 , Feature

Aluminum is essential to modern society and stands to play an important part in future sustainable applications. As the industry seeks to reduce its climate impact, electrification is one solution that could help reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. So says Pernelle Nunez, Deputy Secretary General and Sustainability Director at the International Aluminium Institute.

12 Sep 2022 , Feature

Electric heating in industrial processes is central to meet ambitious climate targets set globally. Key to success is increased access to green power.

9 Apr 2021 , Feature

If you are thinking about making the switch from gas to electric heating, you need to know all the facts. Here we debunk some of the popular myths associated with electric heating solutions to help you make an informed decision.