18 May 2022 , Feature

Kanthal® AF Tubes require minimal maintenance, are extremely efficient and deliver excellent power output, especially when combined with Tubothal® heating elements.

28 Mar 2022 , Feature

Sharp increases in the price of nickel and uncertainty about future supply mean that right now is the perfect opportunity for furnace builders and end-users to explore alternatives to nickel-chromium tubes. Kanthal® APM and Kanthal® APMT for example, can deliver a range of additional benefits.

27 Apr 2020 , Feature

Hughes Christensen Company is internationally recog­nized as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of rock cutting drill bits. The plant in Belfast, Northern Ireland, specializes in the construction and development of roller cone bits.

27 Apr 2020 , Feature

Gearbox del Prat, situated in Barcelona, Spain is the central manufacturing unit of gearboxes to Seat, with a daily production of some 3000 gearboxes.

24 Apr 2020 , Feature

Uponor AB situated in the middle of Sweden, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and plastic coated steel pipes for the building industry. The company has some 450 employees and is marketing their products in more than 30 countries.

23 Apr 2020 , Feature

Reliable production with no unscheduled shutdowns is a particularly vital production requirement for the automotive industry.

8 Apr 2020 , Feature

By utilizing furnace rollers made from Kanthal® APMT, an iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy, roller hearth furnace owners can boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs, improve produced tubes’ surface quality and contribute to a cleaner environment.

1 Apr 2020 , Feature

Norwegian company Glasopor is one of the few manu­facturers in the world that produces foam materials from recycled glass. Its innovative products are used as fill for roads and railway construction and as insulation in buildings. In addition to its healthy order book, the company has now boosted its profitability and eliminated its carbon footprint – by switching from gas to electricity based on a Kanthal® electric heating system.

22 Apr 2018 , Feature

By converting biomass waste materials, a custo­mer in the US produces hydrogen to convert to synthetic fuels, electricity and heat. A multizone muffle tube furnace is used to initiate and sustain the biomass pyrolysis.