1 Apr 2020 , Feature

With a metal filter that uses heat to effectively burn bacteria and viruses into harmless ash, the Perfect Clean solution from Japan’s Oparz could help fight the coronavirus disease Covid-19. But it has yet to be put to the test.

1 Apr 2020 , Feature

Reliable material is vital for the Japanese company Oparz to produce the 3D Heater, a metal filter solution that uses heat to sterilize the air in hospital environments. The technology could be helpful in fighting the spread of the coronavirus disease Covid-19.

20 Mar 2020 , Press release

We are here for you. And we want you to know that we are doing our utmost to safeguard your orders, while protecting our people and operations.

8 Mar 2020 , Feature

The steel industry has always been male dominant, and a hundred, or even fifty years back, it probably made sense, as the job was heavy and fewer women worked outside home. Today, very few positions require muscle power and gender equality is gaining ground every day. The steel industry is still male dominant, however. Why?

28 Feb 2020 , Feature

Stockholm-based fashion designer Naim Josefi incorporates metal wire in his collections to promote a more sustainable fashion industry.

29 Jan 2020 , Press release

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted a project that will evaluate the potential of replacing gas-fired furnaces with electrically heated furnaces for material heating. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions through better energy efficiency and reduced loss of material.

6 Jan 2020 , News

Kanthal acquires privately owned Thermaltek Inc., headquartered in North Carolina, USA. The company designs, manufactures, and services high-temperature furnaces and heating elements, specialized for the molten metals, glass and ceramics industries.

1 Nov 2019 , Feature

When young technology meets established knowledge, the path to innovation is opened. Kanthal President Nicklas Nilsson and Head of R&D and Technologies Dilip Chandrasekaran see endless possibilities as well as great customer value with the new customization service, Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing.

1 Nov 2019 , Press release

As global technology leader in electrical heating and high-temperature applications, Kanthal launches an additive manufacturing service that disrupts traditional design of heating elements and components. Together with the new iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy, Kanthal® AM100, specially developed for 3D-printing, the new service called Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing offers a revolutionary solution for the heating industry.

1 Nov 2019 , Feature

Great minds think alike, it’s been said, and the recent collaborative project between AGA and Kanthal demonstrates this truth. Thinking outside the box and finding new geometries are some of the results of their joint move into additive manufacturing with heat resistant material.

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