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About us

technology to the world since 1931, when metallurgist Hans von Kantzow founded the company based on his discovery of the FeCrAl (iron-chrome-aluminum) ... research institutes and customers to find new solutions to challenges that may not even exist yet. This way, we ensure that we remain the No. 1 heating solution

Article in Powder Metal Review

Read the feature article in Powder Metal Review page 45-50 about how you can make high temperature sintering more cost competitive with Kanthal APMT. Powder

Clean and simple: How electric heating has transformed Ovako’s heat treatment furnaces

furnaces Since electrifying all of its heat treatment furnaces, Ovako has not only significantly reduced its CO2 emissions, but has improved the quality ... engineering steel goes back centuries, with some of its current production sites founded as far back as the 16th century. Combined with this rich heritage is a willingness

Terms and Conditions STPI

General Terms and Conditions of Sale and such purchase agreement. If STPI does not already have or enter into an executed purchase agreement with Customer, then ... Services. If you do not agree or accept, without limitation or qualification, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, you may not purchase from STPI’s


“popular” lead form which has led to stale back and forth emails days later…not an experience for 2019. With DIGITHAL™ we meet new customers when they are ... From the homepage, the user has the option to explore product specific pages or seek local support to their problem. While we are striving for live support

How reusing scrap helps Kanthal cut back on raw material use

Subscribe to our news to get more info like this! All that glitters is not necessarily gold – but it might be a recyclable alloy. This rings especially ... its manufacturing facilities globally. It was here that Hans von Kantzow founded the company in 1931, following his discovery of the FeCrAl (iron-chromium-aluminum)

Kanthal and Malhotra Engineers: a four-decades-long partnership

company, he soon left to set up his own business. Malhotra Engineers was founded in 1978. Malhotra Engineers started out by delivering the brickwork for ... back,” he continues. From that day on, Mr. Malhotra would not use any heating wires that were not from Kanthal. “It was my firm decision only to purchase

Is this the world’s fastest pizza?

But how fast is the world’s fastest pizza oven? We did some research, and found that a Neapolitan pizza – considered by many to be the perfect pizza style ... With some types of ovens, this can be pushed down to a minute. We even found someone who had, using Kanthal Coil and lots of wood, managed to bake a pizza