Kanthal anode pre-heating station

Prior to pouring molten iron into the anode slot, it is critical that the temperature in the slot is raised to above 100°C (180°F) as quickly (in less than 1 minute) and evenly as possible. This improves the conditions for welding the stubs to the anode and securing the safety of the operation.

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The more even and thorough drying achieved by the Kanthal electrical heating system contributes to minimizing the voltage drop over the thimble.

Improved safety

Due to the porous nature of the material, anodes tend to accumulate some humidity during storing, which can result in an explosion, at worst, or a connection failure upon becoming energized. The Kanthal® highly focused reflector-based electric heating solution ensures more thorough drying.

Accurate heat transfer

Kanthal® reflector technology is uniquely designed to provide focused radiation into the stub holes only, and not on the anode block itself. This means that significant energy savings can be achieved. Electric heat transfer rate is 70% compared to only 20% for gas.

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