Flow Heaters

A flow heater for clean gas flows up to 1100°C (2012°F) has been introduced to Kanthal®'s extensive product range. Due to its unique patented design and electrical heating system it gives very high gas outlet temperature and net efficiency up to 95%.

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Kanthal® Flow Heaters

Most flow heater designs are limited to 800°C (1470°F) gas temperature. The unique patented design of the Kanthal Flow Heater therefore allows up to 300°C higher gas outlet temperature than existing conventional technologies. The design gives very good temperature stability (+/- 1°C) and heating efficiency. Other key features are the very compact design and very wide flow range. Compared to gas burners, electrical heaters offer a cleaner work environment, easier installation, and fewer safety risks.

Key Features

  • Highest outlet temperatures (1100°C) due to unique patented design
  • Power density comparable with gas burners
  • Excellent outlet temperature accuracy (± 1 °C / F)
  • Internal thermocouple for secure over temperature protection and controls
  • Wide flow rate range: 20 – 200 % of nominal flow rate (or higher with custom Flow Heaters)
  • Empower your Flow Heater with well-matched original accessories like control cabinets, blowers and custom tubing and insulation solutions
  • Small in feature size
  • Pulsating flow can be tolerated by the heater
  • Custom designs upon request

Applications and Industries

  • Test benches and test stands
  • Pre-Heating of equipment in metal cast houses
  • Glass industry
  • Local Heat Treatment
  • SOFC
  • Packaging
  • R&D


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