Immersion or tank heaters

Immersion or tank heaters provide a process for heating liquids in tanks and almost all liquids can be heated in tanks using tubular heating elements. Selection of sheath material and energy density is critical for the high performance and long life of heaters.


A tank heater can be installed in many ways. A few common methods for mounting heaters are:

Screwed immersion

Small tanks with low pressure and non-critical applications can be fitted with screw plug arrangements.

Sandvik can supply immersion heaters in various sizes, from 1/2" to 2 1/2", in both NPT and BSP standards. Maximum heat duty that can be installed varies, depending on the fluid that is being heated and the tank size.

Flanged immersion

This is the most common method of installing heaters in tanks. Suitable for all sizes and power ratings this assembly can withstand any amount of pressure. Tanks can be installed with up to 4MW of heating capacity in a single bundle. Higher duties can be achieved with multiple units installed across the tanks.

L-shaped and submersible tank heaters

Where there are no withdrawals or insertion spaces on the sides of tanks, such as oil storage tanks buried in the ground, the immersion heaters can be designed either as L-shaped tubular elements or welded submersible heaters that can be assembled on site.