Crude oil heaters

Sandvik electric crude oil heaters are used in power plants for heating crude oil for separation and transportation. Sandvik supplies a range of crude oil heaters, starting from a few kWs up to 3 MW in single shell. A higher power rating can be achieved using multiple shells in series or parallel. Read more about crude oil heating.

For heating crude oil, Sandvik electric inline process heaters in a pipeline have advantages over other technologies. Since they do not need to recover heat from another system, they can be installed anywhere in the pipeline as long as there is power available.

Materials of construction

In Sandvik crude oil heaters, the elements and internals are constructed of alloy 800, and the vessel and tube-sheet are of stainless steel of the types ASTM 321H, 316Ti or alloy 800.

Temperature and capacity range

Sandvik crude oil heaters have an operating temperature range of 0°–200°C (32°–392°F).

Available in capacities from 1–10000 kW, Sandvik electric process heaters have smaller footprints. They are virtually 100% efficient and there is no risk of fouling that creates a need for frequent cleaning.