Glycol heaters

Sandvik electric triethylene glycol, mono ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol heaters are normally installed in a reboiler vessel, which is used for glycol regeneration in gas processing plants in onshore and offshore installations. Since reboiler vessels are generally large in size, the glycol heaters are installed in a few bundles, symmetrically arranged for even heat distribution, rather than a single bundle. Read more about TEG / DEG / MEG reboiling.

Materials of construction

Sandvik has extensive expertise in the field of metallurgy and can recommend the most suitable material for glycol heaters.

Temperature and capacity range

Sandvik electric glycol heaters have an operating temperature range of 190°–225°C (374°– 437°F).

Available in capacities from 1–10000 kW, Sandvik electric process heaters have smaller footprints. They are virtually 100% efficient and there is no risk of fouling that creates a need for frequent cleaning.