7 great reasons why you should choose electric ladle heating

There are many advantages of using electricity instead of fossil fuels in your heating processes. Here are our seven favourites.

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  1. More energy efficient. Using electricity for ladle preheating, you can increase your net efficiency as much as 70% compared to 20% for gas depending on the parameters.
  2. No overheating. Turning to electric preheating, you will benefit from better process control, more even heat distribution and longer service life, which will extend your ladle lifetime.
  3. Multi-purpose. Innovative design enables the same heater to be used for drying, pre-heating and holding.
  4. Reduced process times. Kanthal electric ladle preheating systems use an advanced monitoring and control system that optimizes performance and shortens process times.
  5. Cleaner and safer working environment. Safe and quiet work environment
  6. Reduced CO2 emissions. Using electricity instead of gas means zero CO, CO2 or NOx emissions
  7. Complete solutions. You can order electric ladle preheating systems from Kanthal either as entire turn-key solutions or as separate components, including everything from the heating element to the control cabinet and lifting device.